Wolfville couple searches for 'angel' who pulled them from car wreck

A couple from Wolfville, N.S., is searching for the stranger who pulled them from a car that had flipped over and was filling with ice cold water.

Alex Pineo and his girlfriend Cassidy Jones were driving in Kentville on Friday night when their car hit ice and went careening off the road.

"We nosedived into the ditch and flipped over onto the roof. From there, it was just dark," Pineo said. 

They were hanging upside down in their seatbelts as the car's interior started to fill with water, he said. 

"I was making sure my girlfriend was OK and that she was still breathing. I had unbuckled my seatbelt and dropped onto the roof," Pineo said.

The two were able to get out of their seatbelts, but couldn't escape through the front doors. That's when they heard a man yelling from outside.

"We were in there for two to three minutes, and we heard somebody outside the car yelling, 'Is there anyone inside the car? Are you hurt?'" said Pineo.

"I could hear them outside the car trying to get in. I looked out my driver window and there was nothing but water over the window."

The man managed to get in through the car's back door as more water rushed in. He helped drag Pineo and Jones out of the car and out of the ditch before calling 911.

The couple said they remember him giving them his jacket and waiting with another man until an ambulance took them to the hospital.

But other than that, they don't remember much, Pineo said. 

"I couldn't see anything because I lost my glasses. It was extremely hard to see what was going on," he said.

After all the confusion, the couple didn't get the name of their rescuer.

Pineo can't even remember what the man's face looked like, only the sirens and music still playing from the car as it sat upside down in the water-filled ditch.

"The song Bad Day of Fishin' was playing, and we could hear it loud and clear on the side of the road," he said.

Pineo has since put the word out on Facebook, hoping to track down the stranger to thank him.

Pineo and Jones both sustained concussions, cuts and bruises.

"If it wasn't for him opening that back door and helping us get out right away ... we would not be here," Pineo said.

"I gotta find that guy. He's an angel."

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Wolfville couple searches for 'angel' who pulled them from car wreck